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Landscaping ideas and installation by Dallas landscapers

We take pride in our approach to landscape design. Dallas Landscaper will manifest your dreams with their skills and expertise. We have a tendency to think about ourselves as Creators of living, breathing, garden works of Art.

A professional landscape design project has three phases: 
Design : space planning, form, color, surfaces, enclosures and functionality 
Plant Selection : shrubs, groundcover, flowers, trees 
Landscape Construction and Installation : soil preparation, grading, drainage, hardscapes, irrigation and sprinklers .

These spaces creatively use the subsequent elements:

- Patios and Gazebos
- Decks 
- Walls and Fences 

- Walkways 
- Irrigation and fountains - Lawn spaces
- Pools, Waterfalls and Ponds


Landscaper Services in Dallas TX


We love gardening!

We love what we do, and we’re only satisfied when you are too. Gardening is our passion, and our business. 

For more than 10 years, Dallas Landscaper has completed landscaping projects of all sizes, for a wide range of residential and commercial clients.
Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll schedule your free consultation. We’ll come to your home and business, discuss your dream garden, and give you an estimate. 

Contact us today, so we can give you an estimate or how to improve your landscape!


"Soft" Landscaping Dallas 


We can improve your garden by utilizing a wide range of trees, shrubs & plants:

Herbaceous Perennials 
Aquatic & Semi Aquatic Plants

Trees & Shrubs


Soft Landscaping work can include:

Turfing Lawn
Water Features 

The mission of our Dallas landscape team

Dallas Landscaper is located in the Dallas Area. We have built a fine reputation for installing stunning landscapes and hardscapes. We pride ourselves on creating unique garden living environments.

Creating balanced and exquisite landscapes is our top priority. We promise you to create a stunning outdoor garden living space where you'll be proud to entertain friends or simply relax with family.

Have the peace of mind knowing that we're bonded, licensed and insured to guard the safety of our workers and clients.